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The latest version of Weather XL PRO

Show the weather with very beautiful animations
With audio player

Weather XL PRO is a very attractive tool for Android that you can use to view the weather in the most beautiful way possible and using very beautiful animations. There are several programs to display the weather forecast, each of which will show you the specific weather. But programs that focus on attractive animations seem more appealing to users. This program is also one of the most attractive programs for displaying the weather, which shows you the weather by using beautiful effects and animations along with sound playback.

Weather XL PRO

Features of Weather XL PRO

An awesome tool
View weather forecast
Use very beautiful animations
Play attractive sounds
Automatic Updates
View 10-day forecast
Very nice user interface
Predict rain, snow, wind, humidity, UV and…
Suitable for phones and tablets
Has a live wallpaper
Has great widgets
Display in the notification menu
And other facilities

Weather XL PRO mod apk Premium Download Free

As mentioned, the Weather XL PRO app is a very attractive and efficient tool for Android that you can install and run to see the weather in a beautiful way. The app uses awesome animations as well as realistic sounds to display the weather and can do it best for you. You can view multi-day and hourly forecasts and view a variety of weather factors.

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