Student visa Poland requirements benefits and success rate

Studying abroad is one of the most important goals of many people and one of the countries that has many applicants to study is Poland. The country has many prestigious scientific centers around the world, and with a degree obtained from Polish universities, people can easily work in prestigious centers. Degrees obtained from Polish universities are also valid in other countries. Here are the documents required to obtain a Polish student visa.

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Student visa Poland requirements

Documents required to obtain a Polish student visa

The Student visa Poland requirements are:

  • Presenting a passport with at least 6 months validity along with a copy of its pages.) It should be noted that if you have a previous passport, it must also be delivered to the Polish embassy.
  • If the person has obtained a visa in the past, he / she must provide a copy of them.
  • Original identity card and national card with English translation
  • A piece of photo
  • Translation of identification documents that must be translated into English and do not need to be translated into Polish.
  • Polish student visa form that must be completed and signed.
  • Book a plane ticket to get a Polish student visa
  • Submit the original invitation from the desired university in Poland
  • The principle of proof of payment of university tuition
  • Provide turnover and account balance from the bank to prove the financial viability of living expenses in Poland
  • Translation of previous degrees from the diploma course up to English with transcripts
  • Having 60 euros in cash
  • Provide travel insurance that should cover 30,000 euros. It should be noted that all insurances are accepted by the embassy.
  • Book a hotel for the first few days of your stay in Poland

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If the above documents are complete, you can easily get a visa in a short time.

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