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The latest final version and patched software of Greenify (Donation Package)

If you have a lot of software installed on your phone and you feel that your phone is slow and the battery consumption has increased due to running a lot of software, one of the best solutions in front of you is software. Greenify is ROOT in Libxo website.

Greenify (Donation Package apk)

Greenify (Donation Package) software is able to put your unused applications to hibernate to free up your resources, which will ultimately reduce battery consumption and speed up the phone like the first day you bought it.

This has no effect on the speed of execution of programs and as soon as the dormant programs are executed, the programs are executed and it is better to add popular programs such as alarm programs, SMS management, etc. to the list of dormant programs. Do not stay active forever.

Greenify on Lifehacker’s site is known as one of the top apps of 2021, and we suggest you install it on your phone.

Greenify (Donation Package) needs to be rooted for smart and optimal operation, but if your phone is not rooted, according to the manufacturer, you can still use this program, but this feature is still in the test neighborhood.

Greenify (Donation Package)

just for information :

Greenify software is called Renew my Phone, which means that your Android phone consumes as fast, high-speed and low-consumption as the first day you bought it!

important points:

Before installing the new version, be sure to delete the old version first.
This program requires you to install Exposed and activate the Greenify module.
TitaniumBackup Pro software Due to the Freeze feature, Task Killer programs and software and Autostarts management interfere with Greenify program and prevent the program from functioning properly, so it is better to remove these programs because you will not need them anymore.
This app does not need to be patched by Lucky Page and also works well on Android Runtime in Android KitKat version.
After installing the program, run Greenify and add the programs that you want to go into Hibernate mode to the list of programs, and finally, by selecting the zzz option, the programs will fall asleep!

How to activate the Greenify program module:

To activate the program module, first download and install the Xposed Installer program.
Run the program and go to the Framework section.
Click on install / update تا to install the program and restart your phone.
Run the Xposed program again and check the Greenify option in the Modules section.


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